Duck Prosciutto

Duck prosciutto
  1. Wash duck breast(s) thoroughly in cold water and pat dry with paper towel
  2. Trim excess fat that is not on the breast
  3. Carefully weigh the duck breast and calculate 65% of that weight – that is the weight that you want the dried duck breast to weigh at the end of the process.
  4. Place about 1cm of kosher salt in a container, place duck breast(s) fat side up, making sure that if that there is space around each duck breast.
  5. Cover in salt, making sure that all sides of the duck breast are coated in salt.
  6. Cover container and place in fridge for 24-36 hours
  7. Remove duck breast from salt and rinse thoroughly with water, then pat dry with paper towel (as dry as possible).
  8. Weigh the duck breast again
  9. Fold/roll the duck breast(s) so that it is as thick as possible, fat side out. This will make it easier to slice later.
  10. Wrap the breast(s) tightly in a few (1-3) layers of cheese cloth, and then wrap tightly in string to maintain the shape. Weigh this again, and using the weight from step 8, you can determine the weight of the cheese cloth and string. Add the weight of the cheese cloth and string to the weight calculated in step 3, so now you know what the “package” should weigh when it’s done.
  11. Place in the fridge for about a week, until the package reaches the correct weight.
  12. Slice as thin as possible and enjoy! (Suggest slicing much more diagonally than in the picture!)
Fresh duck breast after cleaning
Duck breasts covered in salt
Duck breasts after 30 hours of salting, rinsing and patting dry
Duck breasts wrapped up tightly in cheese cloth and butcher twine
After ~7 days of drying

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