Sourdough Pizza

Makes enough for one thin crust large square pizza., or two thin crust personal pizzas (30cm, 300g each). Need to prepare the dough with ripe starter at least 24 hours before using.

Ratios are all based on starter: 1-2-3 starter-water-flour, and 1/4 starter in olive oil, 1/10 in salt.

  • 100g ripe starter
  • 200g warm water
  • 300g flour
  • 25g olive oil
  • 10g salt (1.5 tsp)

Combine all ingredients until uniform with a fork. Let rest 20 min, stretch and fold, rest 20min, stretch and fold. Cover, proof 3-5 hours at room temperature. It won’t quite double, but should have some small bubbles. Stretch and fold to make dough ball (or more if making more pizzas, 300g per pizza). Delicately remove from bowl, coat in oil, wrap in plastic, and store in fridge at least 24 hours (develops more flavour over time, max 1 week or so).

Remove dough from fridge just before using, stretch dough out on floured surface, it can be made very thin. Add as little flour as possible, as it has a nice crispier texture without added flour. I usually drop the dough onto parchment paper with very little flour, sprinkle just enough flour on top so my fingers don’t stick, and then flatten it out.

Cook in hot oven, on pre-heated surface, ideally on pizza stone. Worked well at 475F convection without a pizza stone for 18min.

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